Smiley is a small town near Little Rock, Arkansas with a population of 832 and a slogan of The Friendliest Little Town in Arkansas. It was the location of a prison camp which Jack Dalton got himself thrown into as part of a plan to locate the missing millions of bank robber B.B. Bartel which Jack had heard from an uncle was buried in a nearby mine shaft.

MacGyver traveled to Smiley after receiving an urgent phone call from a terrified Jack Dalton implying his life was in danger. When MacGyver started asking about Jack Dalton he was quickly accosted by the local corrupt sheriff and thrown into the same prison camp as Jack. Once there MacGyver soon learned that he had been duped into another one of Jack’s schemes and had to work out a way to stop the Sheriff’s plans to find the money for himself and free the falsely accused prisoners.


Jack In The Box
B.C. Museum of Mining
Net Shed Café




  1. There is not a town in Arkansas called Smiley. There is a Smiley Bayou, but it’s not located in the place indicated on the map above.

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