Barraca is a fictional country in South America which MacGyver flew to in November 1988 with Jack Dalton on a mission to save Pete Thornton who was being held captive, along with one of the nuns he was working with, by a group of rebels.

MacGyver and Jack posed as arms dealers to get into the rebels camp. Once there they were able to successfully locate Pete, who had been shot by the rebel leader while trying to find out what Pete knew of their assassination plan to blow up the countries president, and get both him and the nun into Jacks plane and escape, however they sustained damage from rebel gunfire during their escape and were forced to crash land sustaining more damage leaving them in a race against time to repair the damaged plane as Pete’s wound became life threatening, the rebels moved in on their location and the clock ticked down on a bomb set to explode in the Barracan presidents palace.


On A Wing And A Prayer
Grant Narrows Regional Park


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