Nicolai Kossov

Major Nicolai Kossov was a KGB agent sent to Budapest to intercept double agent, Nicolai Grodsky who had arranged a meeting with MacGyver to hand over a watch containing the names of a dozen KGB agents working in England.  Kossov worked with inspector Messic of the Hungarian police to catch Grodsky, his contacts and get the watch, however, his plan fell apart when the watch was stolen from Grodsky by a local gypsy girl named Jana and Grudsky was hit and killed by a car while trying to flee from Kossov.

When Inspector Messic failed to find Jana or the watch, Kossov had Jana’s family arrested and sent to Borza Prison for questioning to find the location of the watch. This plan was short-lived as MacGyver reacquired the watch and helped Jana’s family escape, leading Kossov, Inspector Messic, and the Hungarian police through the city of Budapest in three stolen Mini Cooper cars and eventually over the border into Austria.

Kossov was given a chance to exact revenge on MacGyver two years later by General Racoubian in the form of an elaborate murder plot in which Kossov would pretend to be married to Lisa Kohler, a former lover of MacGyver’s, who he thought to be dead but now wanting to defect to the U.S. In their plan to escape both MacGyver and Lisa would be caught and MacGyver forced to steal a valuable Chinese jade statue in return for Lisa’s life. Once he had stolen the Dragan and handed it over to Kossov and his team MacGyver was to be killed and the statue returned to China as a goodwill gesture. However, the plan failed when Lisa explained the true story to MacGyver who was able to escape and alert authorities to Racoubian and Kossov’s plans, for which they were sent back to Russia in disgrace.

Note: Even though the name Kossov is spelled slightly differently in the two episodes with only one “S” being used to spell the name in the Lost Love episode the events and timeline match up for this being the same character.


Thief of Budapest
Lost Love (parts 1 & 2)
Hungarian police

General Racoubian
Jan Messic
Lisa Kohler

Bruce Abbott
Anthony De Longis


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