Jan Messic

Jan Messic was an inspector with the Hungarian police force assigned to work with Major Nicolai Kossov of the KGB to intercept Nicolai Grodsky, a double agent who had the names of a dozen key KGB agents in England inscribed on the face of a pocket watch which he had arranged to hand over to MacGyver in Budapest.

Messic’s job became much harder when the watch was stolen from Grodsky by a local gypsy girl named Jana and Grudsky was hit and killed by a car while trying to flee from Major Kossov.

Having failed to find Jana or the watch Messic reluctantly agreed to follow Kossov’s lead and had Jana’s family arrested and sent to Borza Prison for questioning to find the location of the watch. This plan was short-lived as MacGyver reacquired the watch and helped Jana’s family escape, leading Messic, Kossov, and the Hungarian police through the city of Budapest in three stolen Mini Cooper cars and eventually over the border into Austria leaving Messic powerless to do anything except accepting his failure to catch MacGyver.


Thief of Budapest
Hungarian police

Nicolai Kossov

Michael Constantine


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