Quayle is an international criminal who’s, in MacGyver’s own words, “gears don’t mesh” and has a weakness of always wanting to talk a lot. To tell everyone how great he was in case they didn’t notice. He’s noted for having sold the British out to the Russians and then double-crossing the Russians for the Ayatollah. He first ran into MacGyver while moving a planeload of stolen military computers which MacGyver stole back from him. Quayle was subsequently punished by his employers for his failure but was given one last chance to redeem himself when he was assigned to destroy the documentation MacGyver had retrieved in East Berlin and then remove the one blemish on his file; MacGyver.

To achieve his goal, Quayle booby-trapped the “Safe House” Pete Thornton had set up for MacGyver’s return. Thornton had planned to use the house as a safe place to decode the microfilm, but upon MacGyver’s arrival, Quayle sprung his house full of traps aiming to eventually kill MacGyver. 

Unknown at the time, Quayle had enlisted the help of a DXS employee, Karen Blake, whose brother was being held captive and would be killed if she didn’t co-operate with Quayle. He used Karen as his inside mole to help keep track of what everyone was doing in the house while he remained in his secret control room toying with his pray. Eventually, MacGyver figured out that Karen was working for Quayle and was able to convince her to help him set a trap to defeat Quayle, which they were ultimately successful in doing. 


Karen Blake
Christopher Neame


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