Answer Machine – Panasonic

Used by MacGyver as his primary communications hub the Panasonic KX-T1625  EASA-PHONE Answering System allowed friends and colleagues to leave messages and stay in touch while MacGyver was away from the house.

The unit uses a dual microcassette system with 2 separate tapes for outgoing (greeting) and incoming messages respectively as well as a call monitor function which MacGyver often used to screen calls while he was home. The unit has a host of functions, some standard to most answer machines while others more specific such as a dictate and memo function which allows personal messages to be recorded for playback later. It also has a tone remote to allow remote message retrieval and room monitoring.
Other functions include tape speed control (for longer recording time on the tapes), number of rings before answering and remote earphone and mic jacks.

Greeting used on this machine:
Hello. This is NOT MacGyver so obviously you’ve reached the wrong number. But, if you need to leave a message you can do so after the tone [inaudible].”


Flames End





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