Answer Machine – AT&T 2500

Macs Answerphone

Used by MacGyver as his primary communications hub, the AT&T 2500 Answering System allowed friends and colleagues to leave messages and stay in touch while MacGyver was away from the house.

The unit uses a dual audio cassette system with 2 separate tapes for outgoing (greeting) and incoming messages respectively as well as a call monitor function which MacGyver often used to screen calls while he was home. The unit allows for 2 way recording of phone calls (very handy for people in MacGyver’s line of work) as well as a dictate function which allows personal messages to be recorded for playback later.  It also has a tone remote to allow remote message retrieval via another phone.

Other functions include an external mic plug and a digital call counter to show how many calls have been recorded.


Greeting used on this machine:
Hi, MacGyver here. When you hear the beep let me know what’s on your mind.”


Target MacGyver
2500 Answering System





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