Working with Nature

BY: Kiwitek

Nature was a pretty frequent theme in MacGyver. He loved being out in it and there were a number of episodes which worked around aspects of environmentalism, be it animal protection or straight out anti-pollution, nature was never far away from MacGyver. It’s certainly something which I picked up on all those years ago and has continued to hold my interest. At the time I was fortunate enough to live next to a decent sized mountain covered in native bush/jungle/forrest (all three) which gave me the opportunity to spend all day hiking around enjoying the wilderness and conjuring up MacGyver adventures in my head. 

Later in life, as a solo parent, I’ve been able to instill that interest in my sons. Our week-ends regularly consist of spending a few hours hiking up rocky mountain streams to hidden water holes and enjoying the serenity of being engulfed by nature. It’s provided a perfect bonding and growing environment for all of us. They’ve gained personal confidence as they climb over boulders and jump into water holes and nature is the perfect place for kids to learn that you’ve got their back no matter what situation they’re in.

Over the past couple of years due to life getting in the way, I’ve hardly been able to do any of those things, but having recently moved to a house which is nearly at the base of that mountain with a large back yard full of gardens and nature. I’ve become reacquainted with nature and realizing how much I missed it. It’s also reminded me of how important it is to protect the nature we have around us, this doesn’t mean becoming an environmental activist, but just doing some basic recycling, putting your trash in the bins when you’re out and about, composting your food scraps, if possible, is all it takes to make a difference in your little corner of life and if we pass this mind set onto our children we begin a chain reaction of healthy minds and bodies helping to keep a healthy planet and it all starts just from walking outside and enjoying some nice scenery.


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