Into the Sunset With MacGyver

Executive producer Steve Downing expects this season to be the last for MacGyver and he’s already planning the final episode of the six-year-old ABC show, which will probably air in January. He reveals that it will leave audiences knowing that their hero won’t be alone in the future. “We’re not giving him a love life — not after the experiences we’ve had,” he says, referring to the protests from fans every time Downing involved MacGyver in a romance. “But romance aside, MacGyver does have a major feeling about being a parent and it’s that drive we’ll deal with and that will provide for MacGyver’s future.” He adds that the person with whom MacGyver will go off into the sunset is “someone we haven’t seen before — and someone who is definitely from MacGyver’s past.” (Sounds a lot like the Single Parent Solution to us.) Actor Richard Dean Anderson has often talked about his own “real strong paternal urge.” Not long ago, he admitted, “I’d love to have kids, but I just haven’t been able to figure out the part of it that brings this about — the wife thing.”

TV Guide, Sept. 1991. 

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