MacGyver: Renegade On Retreat

This advertisement for the “4Renegade Collection” of clothing from The Haggar Apparel Company appeared in the August 1987 issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly as a 4 page “Special Promotional Section”.


That’s me, Richard Dean Anderson. You usually see me as MacGyver, Mondays at 8 on ABC-TV. I’m known for coming to the assistance of anyone in need, always using ingenuity rather than violence to escape from impending doom.

I used my ingenuity to escape from the set for a few days of rest and relaxation. In the mountains, I knew I’d be away from it all. There I am, just arriving at the cabin. I didn’t bring much, just some clothes I could feel comfortable in. 4Renegade. Real comfort. Real relaxation. When you’re taking it easy, looking good shouldn’t be a challenge. Little did I know, I had lots of other unexpected challenges to deal with.



I figured I’d do some hiking. I just couldn’t keep still.
As you can see, neither could the tree trunk I was trying to cross.
I didn’t want my vacation to get off to a shaky start. I decided to try my luck fishing. And try, and try… soon I was getting the knack of it. I could just taste the fresh fish cooking over a fire.
Finally, I got a bite. This was a tough one, but I wasn’t letting go. Maybe I should have. They told me this lake was stocked, I didn’t realize just how efficiently!
It was time to pack up and return to civilization.


I tossed my bag into my jeep and headed home. Driving back with the cool air blowing against my face, I was finally relaxed. Until there was cool air blowing out from my front tire. This couldn’t be happening!

As I stopped to change the tire, I caught the eye of a lovely young lady coming to my assistance. “Hey, aren’t you MacGyver?” she asked. “You should be able to fix that flat tire in no time.” Just as I was about to introduce myself as Richard Dean Anderson, I figured why bother? Besides, I had to move fast.

“I guess you’re right” I said, “if I fix it in less than 5 minutes, you take me to dinner, deal?” She looked at me surprised and smiled.


Dinner was great. I told her all about my exciting adventures. The hills I climbed, the fish I caught. Oh yeah, and that one big fish, the one that accidentally got away, almost twice the size of this one. She bought it — hook, line and sinker.


Schiffman, Bonnie (photographer). Gentleman’s Quarterly. August, 1987. 




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