Original ‘MacGyver’ Press Release

This is the original press release sent out by Paramount Pictures and is the source of the now infamous mistaken first name of MacGyver. The original pilot script had MacGyver’s first name as Stacey and it was not known at the time of the release that the characters first name would be completely dropped so it was listed as Stacey MacGyver on this release.

Richard Dean Anderson has publicly stated that “they” (presumably meaning he and members of the production team he associates with) have no idea where the name of “Stace” came from, which indicates that either the script was changed before he got to read it or he just doesn’t remember, or never took any notice of, the full character name as it was used in the script.

It’s interesting to note that Stacey is also the name of Exec. Producer Henry Winkler’s wife and there has been speculation that this was where the original name came from.



Paramount Pictures Corporation. 1985

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