Got a light? Thanks. you wouldn’t happen to have a paper clip would you? Or maybe a chocolate bar? If this series catches on, we’ll all be looking twice at mundane items like those. That’s because our hero, MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), is not only a survival expert but a scientific prodigy as well — sort of a Mr. Wizard with dimples. When an American pilot is shot down in the Himalayas or scientists are trapped underground research lab, the experts call on MacGyver, a former Special Forces agent, to save the day. He’ll use that paper clip to short-circuit a nuclear missile; with the chocolate, he’ll stop an acid leak. It may be just a Snickers bar to you and me, but MacGyver sees it as a handy hunk of disaccharide that will turn nice and gummy. No doubt the lovely damsel he rescues each week will see MacGyver as rather a handy hunk himself. ABC.

“MACGYVER” TV Guide, Sept. 14, 1985



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