MacGyver Goes To Court

MacGyver will be going to court this season — King Arthur’s court, that is. Steve Downing, who produces the ABC series that stars Richard Dean Anderson as an ingenious investigator, says that a two-part fantasy episode is in the works. “MacGyver gets conked on the head and ends up in King Arthur’s time — sort of like ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ with MacGyver bringing all his capabilities into that world.” Costar Dana Elcar [Peter Thornton] is playing the King. Elcar. who has been battling glaucoma, suffers a severe vision loss, and so, says Downing, “We can’t play him as sighted. In the story, Morgana — the King’s evil half-sister — has cast a spell on him that resulted in his going blind.” Elcar, despite his impairment, continues to be featured on the series. Several months ago, when the actor’s eye problem worsened, producers wrote his condition into the two-parter’s story.

TV Guide, October 1991.


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