Thanks From Henry Winkler and John Rich




March 5, 1990

To the “MacGYVER” family:

Congratulations and thank you… every one of you… for bringing “MacGYVER” to this milestone. The production of 100 hours of imaginative, socially responsible television is an extraordinary accomplishment made possible by your dedication and pride in your work. You may be justly proud of your achievement.

We feel so lucky to have Richard Dean Anderson as our Star Performer. His efforts, energy and level of cooperation — above and beyond the call of duty — have done much to cement the feeling of “one-ness” that characterizes our set. All this on top of an exceptional ability to create and maintain a performance that each week figuratively jumps off the screen and compels devoted attention from an ever-widening audience.

It is impossible to praise highly enough our production team in Vancouver led by our partner, Executive Producer Steve Downing. His skill as a writer, innovative creator and managerial genius are without parallel in the industry and we are deeply indebted to him.

Here in L.A., management support from Paramount’s Mel Harris, John Pike and John Symes has been exemplary, and we are most grateful for ABC-TV’s continued commitment to the series.

Our sincerest thanks to all of you! We’re looking forward to the next 100!


Henry Winkler                              John Rich


Therese L. Wells, editor. The Hollywood Reporter. March 5, 1990: p.S-1 to S-24.


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