In April of 1991, MAD Magazine printed a MacGyver parody called MacGimmick.
You can read the comic below along with RDA’s reply.






© MAD Magazine
Artist: Angelo Torres    Writer: Dick Debartolo
MAD Magazine. April, 1991


In response to Mad magazine’s MacGyver parody, “MacGimmick”, Richard Dean Anderson sent the below letter to the editor in the March 1992 issue. 


Get out your magnifying glass! Here’s the letter “MacGyver” star Richard Dean Anderson sent us after reading our satire “MacGimmick” in MAD #302! That’s Richard reading the issue, which he has (in best MacGyver-like fashion) transformed into a copy of MAD #307!


MAD Folks,

Just wanted to thank you, genuinely, for the article spoofing our TV series, “MacGYVER”.

Some years back my middle name was the answer to a 17 across TV Guide crossword query, and I truly felt my career had reached its apex, I could go no further. In my wildest fantasy I could not have conjured the honorable attention you have bestowed.

And you nailed it! Our original and continuing concept has been to present an a-typical TV hero, a man of thoughtful recourse rather than of traditional violence, and we have been pleasantly successful with it. Of course, straying from the usual means of “beating the bad guy” (let’s say, cramming a few hollow-points into an organ or two) presents us with some pleasant problems of our own. We have had the joy of using our imaginations for these last six years and at times we’ve allowed ourselves to go ballistic and approach the absurd, to get ridiculous, tongues deeply in cheeks… not unlike what my favorite magazine does regularly.

But I honestly wanted to thank you for busting us: for those of us flirting with the absurd, it was hilarious acknowledgement.



Torres, Angelo and Dick DeBartolo. “MacGimmick.” MAD Magazine. April, 1991: p. 43-47


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