KIVA Laboratories

Located at Bannon, New Mexico and built in a state of the art high security building the KIVA Laboratories complex was built by the Sendrex Corporation to handle classified research; With such security features as full-body scans, palm print scans, voice recognition, and 10,000-watt CO2 gas discharge lasers protecting the elevator shafts, KIVA has the most advanced security of any of the Sendrex Corporation facilities. Nothing moves in or out of the complex without being constantly monitored and controlled.

The complex consists of 3 underground levels which house a variety of laboratories designed to cover a full gambit of research. The lab areas are independent of each other with airlocks in the corridors designed to seal off sections in case of emergencies. The fourth level is above ground and houses the control room and entry bay to the lower levels.

MacGyver was called to the KIVA complex as a last hope to rescue trapped workers after an explosion on the third level, 300 feet below the surface, causing a chain reaction of explosions up to the first level, trapping at least 20 people and rupturing a tank containing sulfuric acid which threatened to leak into an aquifer running under the lab leading directly into the Rio Grande, which meant the acid would poison most of New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. Because of this threat, the team decided to flood the entire complex with sodium hydroxide to neutralize the acid and then fuse the substratum rock between the lab and the aquifer with an underground missile.

Fortunately, MacGyver was able to stop the acid leak and rescue the trapped scientists before the more drastic measures were required.


Ground-level control room and entry bay.
On of the secure underground labs.









Charlie Burke

Andy Colson
Chief of Operations

Barbara Spencer
Assistant to Dr. Carl Steubens

Dr. Carl Steubens

Dr. Sidney Marlowe



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