KIVA Laboratories

Located at Bannon, New Mexico and built in a state […]


Ed Ganter

Ed Ganter worked for the US agency responsible for hiring MacGyver to rescue two scientist trapped in an underground lab. […]


Charlie Burke

Dr. Charlie Burke was the director of the KIVA Laboratories in Bannon, New Mexico at the time an explosion ripped through the facility. […]


Carl Steubens

Dr. Carl Steubens was a Nobel Prize candidate scientist employed by the Sendrex Corporation to work at the KIVA Laboratories complex […]


Barbara Spencer

Barbara Spencer worked as an assistant to Dr. Carl Steubens at the KIVA Laboratories when an unexplained explosion ripped through the lower levels of the complex. […]


Bannon, New Mexico

Bannon is the scene of the KIVA Laboratories explosion which […]


Andy Colson

Andy Colson was the Chief of Operations at the KIVA Laboratories facility. […]