El Tiempo

El Tiempo was a small local newspaper published by Diego Montoya in a South American town which reporter Kate Connelly was operating from when MacGyver was sent to get her safely out of the country by her worried editor, Arthur Prescott.

Front page of the El Tiempo as seen in the epoisode.

Kate had been working with Diego on a story to expose an illegal arms deal between the local head of military secret police and a deported US criminal and had been using the paper’s office and equipment to develop her photographic evidence for the story. Diego had hoped that Kates story would expose the corruption of General Antonio Vasquez, the head of the secret police to whom he referred as a “piece of human garbage.”  But when MacGyver and Kate were caught photographing the deal being made Diego was killed by Vasquez’s men in an attempt to ensure the story was never printed.

After Diego’s death, Kate told MacGyver that he had wanted his newspaper to be the voice of truth.

Note: In the paper’s subtitle of ‘La Voz De Vendad’ the word Vendad is a typo. It should read Verdad which translates to truth. So the full title of the paper would read ‘Time: The Voice Of Truth.’

The Gauntlet
Diego Montoya
Kate Connelly
Dave Ryerson
Antonio Vasquez


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