Jeep Wrangler

Seen throughout the series as MacGyver’s main form of transport, the Jeep has undergone some transformations over the 7 seasons.

First seen as an open-top in season 2. The jeep flip-flop between having and not having doors and front winch.  

From Season 3 onward the jeep became a hardtop model presumably because of the change in filming location from sunny California to colder wetter Vancouver. We also see MacGyver has a mobile “car phone” fitted between the front seats as well as a fire extinguisher within easy reach of the driver’s seat.

We know from this behind the scenes shot that there were at least 2 jeeps used for filming. One has the dented front fender from a season 2 episode which indicates that they used the same jeeps throughout the show, moving them from California up to Vancouver with the change of filming locations.

There has been some confusion over the model year being a year later than season 2’s airing date.  It’s not uncommon for a limited number of vehicles to be made available prior to the release date for various purposes and it’s our understanding that this was the case for the jeeps used on the show.

Information source

Seasons 2 – 7
Multiple episodes.
Wrangler (YJ) Laredo
1BND849 (season: 2)
1RJQ104 (seasons: 3-7)

Distressed  Brown



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  1. Best show on tv. Always thought the jeep was brown. Of course it could of always been a hard top all along cause the doors and top are removable and he ciuld of put them in storage. My dad would call it a little common sense on the viewers part. Lol

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