Opening Credits List: Season 5

A list of all scenes shown in the opening credits and the episodes they are from.


The Gauntlet
As MacGyver arrives in the south American town, he sees a girl being harassed by military officers. He interrupts them and pulls out his passport with a $20 bill inside it to keep them happy.
Hell Week
MacGyver uses two electrical wires to pass a current through the mercury bubble of a bombs trigger switch in an attempt to heat the mercury to boiling point and turn it to vapor.
MacGyver pries the lid off a test tube containing acid in a multi-triggered bomb on board a cruise ship.
MacGyver removes the top section of his compass to reveal a timer and explosives to destroy the remains of the GX-1 plane.
MacGyver uses a mirror removed from his binoculars to reflect a laser beam back on itself in order to disable the laser security system in the elevator shaft so he can get to the lower levels of the building.
The Gauntlet
MacGyver ties an old belt through the steering wheel of a jeep and around the gear stick to help hold the steering wheel straight so the jeep will travel a straight path down the hillside towards the waiting army.
The Gauntlet
MacGyver pushes the end of a cameras flash cable into a blob of plastic explosive and sets the flash for 30 seconds.
MacGyver re-wires the main fuse box to overload in preparation for the final showdown with Quayle.  
The Gauntlet (opening gambit)
This particular shot isn’t used in the episode. It is from the scene where MacGyver unlocks the window to gain access to the room containing the map. The shoot we see in the episode is from inside the room. 
Trumbo’s World
MacGyver uses 2 half dollar coins to arc weld a broken piston shaft.
The Golden Triangle
MacGyver pulls the ripcord of an inflatable life-jacket which he has set up as the first stage to a chain reaction of events to create a diversion.
The timer of a bomb in an underground lab counts down to its detonation as Doctors Steubens and Burke play their game of chess.
Title Explosion
Filmed specifically for the opening credits.
Kill Zone
MacGyver stands in a special decontamination chamber after he returns from collecting the virus canister from a crashed satellite.
Back from the Dead
MacGyver slides down a hanging fishing net to “drop in” on the bad guys.
Trumbo’s World (opening gambit)
MacGyver repels down a cliff face while rescuing a scientist from her Pyrenees captors.
MacGyver slides down a steep incline to escape from Russian soldiers after being spotted at the GX-1 crash site.
The Widowmaker
MacGyver grabs the rope as Mike starts to fall at the start of the episode.
Fire and Ice
MacGyver hides behind a fence as he looks for a way to sneak into Sumals mansion.
The Golden Triangle
MacGyver jumps onto General Nara’s helicopter so he can attach the winch rope from the jeep to wind the helicopter down with.
Rock the Cradle
MacGyver falls out of the wheel well of Jack Dalton’s plane after successfully repairing the hydraulics on the wheel.
Trumbo’s World (opening gambit)
MacGyver jumps onto an inflatable raft while rescuing a scientist from her Pyrenees captors.
The Outsiders
MacGyver jumps from his jeep as it crashes off the road after his front tire blows out.
Opening credits (updated)
This is an updated version of a scene filmed specifically for the opening credits. The original version was filmed during the episode Last Stand. This version doesn’t relate specifically to any episode.
Early Retirement
MacGyver prepares to shoot for goal in a “stress relieving” hockey workout with Pete Thronton.
The Battle of Tommy Giordano
MacGyver is slammed into a window as he chases after the kidnappers of Tommy Giordano.
The Wish Child
MacGyver grabs the cargo net after blowing open the crate he was trapped in.
Kill Zone
MacGyver looks on with Pete Thornton as the self destruct sequence of an underground lab explodes up through the elevator shaft at the end of the episode..
Countdown (updated)
This is an updated version of a scene from the Countdown episode which was used in the opening credits up to season 4. The scene was re-shot for season 5 onward.
The Widowmaker
MacGyver grabs a mattress off the bed to use as a shield against Murdoc’s flame thrower as he sets fire to Pete Thornton’s cabin.
The Human Factor
MacGyver grabs a high voltage power line in the air vent of a new military complex as he fights to defeat it’s out of control automated security system.
Ghost ship
MacGyver looks around behind a door as he searches a mysterious ship.
Murderer’s Sky (updated)
This is an updated version of the scene where MacGyver opens up Tiu’s bag to find a cobra snake ready to strike at him.
Ghost ship
MacGyver and the stowaway girl jump overboard to escape the Sasquatch.
Blood Brothers
MacGyver swings down and knocks out one of his pursuers in the abandoned hospital.
Thief of Budapest (updated)
This is an updated version of the scene where MacGyver eats an ice cream as he wonders around Budapest looking for his contact agent. This particular shot is when he passes to watch someone repairing a traffic light.
On a Wing and a Prayer
Jack Dalton’s plane takes off, with the help of some missile rockets, while MacGyver hangs on for his life under the plane after having manually ignited the jets.
Slow Death
MacGyver jumps into the entranceway of a train’s carriage after having caught up to it.
The Golden Triangle
MacGyver dives behind a jeep as General Narai shoots at him from his “gunship” helicopter.
The Invisible Killer
MacGyver hangs on for his life after falling over the side of a suspension bridge.
Ghost ship
MacGyver runs down the staircase of an abandoned ship as he tries to escape, what appears to be, a Sasquatch.
MacGyver lowers himself down through the escape hatch of a stuck elevator as he descends into the bomb-damaged research center.
The Gauntlet (opening gambit – updated)
This is an updated version of the scene from the opening gambit of the Gauntlet, where MacGyver tries to escape from the map room but finds the door is locked.
The Gauntlet (updated)
This is an updated version of the scene where MacGyver and Kate are trying to beat the closing front gate to escaping from Ryerson’s mansion.
Opening credits
This scene doesn’t seem to relate specifically to any episode, so we assume that it was filmed specifically to use as a replacement to the original shot from the Gauntlet’s opening gambit.


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