The Night Before Christmas (MacGyver version)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the loft
Not a sound could be heard, not even a cough;
Pete Thorton lay sleeping up in the bed,
While Jack Dalton sat snoozing with cap still on head.
And MacGyver lay out on his sofa asleep,
Curled under his blanket and into a heap.

When out on the road there arose such a clatter
They all jumped up to see what was the matter.
They pulled open the curtains and turned on the light
And all three of them stared out into the night.

As they looked out the window and onto the street,
They felt a vibration from under their feet.
Then out of Mac’s garage, what should appear,
But a funny old sled being pulled by reindeer.

They looked at each other and then back to the sled
“It can’t be.” Said Mac “I thought he was dead!”

Then away from the sled Murdoc jumped with a bound,
Ran up the steps and into Macs lounge.
“Ah look it’s Jack Dalton, and Peter Thornton too,
And MacGyver, of course, we can’t forget you.”

“To the top of the loft, to the top of the wall!
Now float away, float away, float away all.”

As leaves in the autumn are whisked off the street,
So the floor of the loft came away from their feet,
And up to the ceiling, their bodies did float
As MacGyver called out “Is this some kind of joke?”

Murdoc just laughed and disappeared from view
And the three of them hung there wondering what he would do.
As Jack wondered aloud “What’s he doing this for?”
All three of the men crashed down to the floor.

As the three of them picked themselves up of the ground
Murdoc returned with a sack, big and round.
“You see dear MacGyver. All I want to do;
Is just to sit down and spend my Christmas with you.”

As they scoffed at his words, he pulled open his sack
Dumped out its contents and took a step back
“I’ve brought gifts,” he said, “just to show I’m sincere.
There’s something delightful for everyone here.”

He sat on the floor, and dug into the pile,
And handed out gifts with his most charming smile:

“For your buddy Jack Dalton a plane with no rust
and for your best friend Pete Thornton, err, any use for this truss?”
“And last but not least for you MacGyver,
a brand new Swiss Army knife with blades and screwdrivers.”

With a grin on his face, he jumped to his feet,
Ran out through the door and down to the street.
Took one single bound up onto his slay,
and with a crack of his whip was whisked away.

And they heard him exclaim as he dwindled from sight,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


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