MacGyver Holiday Gift Guide 2021

MacGyver may say “It’s the thought that counts” but everyone else in your life probably says otherwise.  Not to worry, we’ve put together some ideas to help you out. Whether it’s for an outright MacGyver fan or an outdoors adventure fan, you’ll find something here to suit them.  You’ll find all these items plus many more on our store page.



MacGyver on Blu-ray

Possibly one of the most wished-for items on any fan’s list is to have the whole series in HD and now we finally have it. This just-released full series Blu-ray box set with all 7 seasons in super clear HD plus the two movies (in SD) is a must have for any fan of the show and the super clear image quality will have them feeling like they are watching the show for the first time all over again. And with region free and world-wide shipping it can be enjoyed by fans around the world.



MacGyver: Meltdown

This is the first book of a new series by Lee Zlotoff which follows on from the original Richard Dean Anderson TV series. The story starts off a few years after MacGyver left the Phoenix Foundation to get to know his son Sam. We find him working freelance again and falling headfirst into adventure when he’s is drawn into a high-stakes game of cat and mouse against a billionaire thief with resources and ingenuity that match his own.
The book is available in both printed and digital formats online and in stores.



The Escape Room Game

Hours of fun for the whole family as you turn your minds into the ultimate weapon on 5 missions to make your way to the final scenario that will require everything you’ve learned to stop Murdoc’s plans!

The game is available at Target stores or online.



Funko POP! MacGyver

Funko POP has taken the Pop Culture world by storm and is now the leading collectible item for all major Pop Culture franchises. This MacGyver Funko Pop will be a great addition to any fan’s collection.





Survival Handbooks and Guides

If you or a someone you know is wanting to learn how to MacGyver your way our of a jam or be ready to survive in the great outdoors, we have a great selection of survival books which cover everything from being able to use what’s around you to get out of a jam through to preparing outdoor and apocalypse survival kits and everything in between. These books are all packed with great tips and information as well as short stories and examples of the techniques in action which make them a great read for any budding MacGyver.




Tinker Swiss Army Knife

The most popular and iconic MacGyver related product is, of course, the Swiss Army Knife, and the list of knives used over the whole series shows the tinker is Mac’s preferred knife to carry. Depending on where you live in the world though, carrying a SAK around in public may cause you some legal problems so it’s best to check your local laws regarding carrying knives before making this purchase.




Timex MK1 Watch

Original designed as a disposable military watch and warn through the first 4 seasons of MacGyver; this MK1 watch has been updated and re-released by Timex to now include a rugged metal case, 30 meters water resistance and an Indiglo light-up dial for easy night viewing of the now larger 40mm watch face.




The MacGyver SecretThe MacGyver Secret

Give the gift of quick and easy problem solving with this amazing simple process designed by MacGyver creator, Lee David Zlotoff.
In just 3 simple steps, Lee shows you how to connect with your Inner MacGyver, guides you through the science by co-author Colleen Seifert, Ph.D. of why it works so well, and shares tips about how to apply it in both personal and work situations.
Regardless of who you are, if you have problems to solve, this is a must-have book.




The Official MacGyver Survival Manual

This beautifully presented hardcover book is a great gift for either fans of the reboot series or anyone interested in science. Packed full of MacGyverisms from the reboot show plus a few from the original, the book explains the science behind the tricks with easy to understand language and color illustrations and pictures, many of which can be safely tried at home, making it perfect for science experiments and fun learning over the holiday season.



MA-1 Flight Jacket

This became MacGyver’s main jacket for seasons 3 – 6. Characterized by the bright orange lining, this jacket will keep you warm and dry for whatever adventure you find yourself on. Available in a variety of colors including the black and Navy blue used by MacGyver.



MacGyver Mugs

Nothing beats sitting in front of a fire or cozied up on the sofa watching your favorite episodes of MacGyver with a hot cup of your favorite beverage and we have the perfect mugs for the job. There are also glasses and travel cups available.



DVD Sets

A must-have for any MacGyver fan, whether they are looking to complete their seasons collection or looking for the full series, we’ve got both available in our store.



MacGyver Books

You won’t go wrong with our collection of MacGyver books. With a wide range including comic books, how-to, and behind the scenes, you’re bound to find something to suit your needs here.




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