The Complete Collection

Release Date:  April 7, 2015

Discs in Set:      39

Format:             Color, Full Screen

Sound:               Dolby Digital, stereo

Presentation: Shelf friendly Box-set

Extras:              Both made-for-TV movies

Tag Line:  none

All 139 episodes plus the 2 made-for-TV movies


Released to replace the officially discontinued original full series box set, this new “shelf friendly” set consists of 2 plastic cases housed in a cardboard outer shell. Both cases use double-sided “pages” which the discs clip into via the normal hub clip system and allow easy flipping through to find the disk you want, unfortunately, though the pages are hinged using only a thin piece of plastic which we suspect will break with regular use. A full contents list of each disc is displayed on the inside of both cases.

Picture quality is the same as all other releases of the show and extras consist only of both made-for-TV movies.




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