Poll: Which Is Your Favorite Penny Parker Episode

Penny Parker started out as a ditzy and, for many, annoying character who seemed to drag trouble to MacGyver every time she showed up. In later episodes though, she became more of a nieve little sister to MacGyver which won more favor with fans.

Which Was Your Favorite Penny Parker Episode?


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  1. ‘Every time she smiles’ without a doubt! Yes she was ditzy but damn was she sexy when she sucked on his lip during that lunged passionate kiss in the restaurant while the soldiers are looking for them! She had a real sexual energy and could definitely suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. She damn wore her lingerie robe when they escaped the building during a pretend fire! That must have been what she was wearing under that yellow dress. Also she admitted straight up that ‘Penny Parker’ was just her stage name, whereas in later episodes it became her real name, which to me seems lame. I can’t stand her as the pathetic surrogate little sister.

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