MacGyver On Blu-Ray Is Coming

Updated Aug 2.

News out today via French Journalist, Romain Nigita, that both MacGyver and Charmed  are set for Blu-ray releases of season 1 of their respective shows in France sometime in November. In a reply to questions today Romain explainedthat the information has come from a press release from Universal France, who also distributes CBS DVD & Blu-ray and provided the below image of the press release page.

We’re unsure if this means that other European countries will be included in the release or when the US will get it at this stage.

‘Provision of November 2018 releases’

We also spotted a comment on CBS Home Entertainment’s Twitter account in reply to a question asking if Charmed will be released on Blu-ray for it’s 20th anniversary. The comment was simply “Look for an announcement very soon” which  confirms the charmed portion of the news, so we can reasonably assume that the MacGyver side will also be correct which is very good news for fans who have been asking for a Blu-ray release for several years now.

We know that the HD remastering of both series has already completed for seasons 1 & 2 of Charmed and 1-3 of MacGyver respectively so they would both be ready to release on Blu-ray in November. This would tend to indicate that CBS may be looking to maximize profits from Blu-ray by releasing each season in individual sets as with the original DVD releases and then maybe a full series box set after that.

The call for Blu-ray from fans was rekindled with the news of the HD remaster back in June with many asking if there would now, finally, be a Blu-ray release.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Blu-ray release will include extras or not, but for now at least we have high confidence that Blu-ray is on the way. 


Tweet from CBSHE confirming an announcement for Charmed on Blu-ray soon


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