New Book Cover Revealed

Our first look at the cover art for Lee Zlotoff’s new book series has been revealed today along with an amended release date of the end of November.

Embellished with a warn looking Swiss Army Knife laying open on a compass face, the cover art is a clever nod to these books continuing on from the original TV series rather than being a new shiny spin-off  of the MacGyver character.

MacGyver creator, Lee D. Zlotoff first announced the upcoming release of the new book series in September saying the series, which is produced by Prince of Cats Literary Productions, will consist of at least 3 novels following MacGyver’s adventures after the end of the original TV show.

According to Zlotoff, “MacGyver is a large universe with plenty of stories that have yet to be told and adventures that will continue to thrill audiences of the original series, the reboot and readers just discovering the character. We are excited to be working with Prince of Cats in producing these stories for those looking to see what became of MacGyver since the end of the original series.”

The first book titled “MacGyver: Meltdown” is written by Zlotoff and Eric Kelley, and will be released in both physical and electronic formats at the end of November.



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