Mason is the “big bad” introduced in the Season 3 Finale.

Season 3
In the Season 3 finale (Mason + Cable + Choices), Charlie Robinson (Emerson Brooks) is used as a pawn against Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till); with Charlie locked in an elaborate trap that either kills him or sets off a bomb underneath a fully-booked hotel.

Mason (Peter Weller) forces MacGyver to choose between saving the life of his friend or the lives of hundreds of innocents. Charlie asks Mac to find his murderer, then sacrifices himself before the timer of the bomb runs out.

Although they catch Mason within the same episode, he manages to escape by using a non-lethal gas hidden in a fake tooth. Before escaping, Mason tells MacGyver that his goal is to destroy everything that James MacGyver (Tate Donovan) helds precious and to watch him suffer because James is responsible for Masons son – a marine usually doing embassy security duty – getting killed on a mission to rescue an intelligence asset a few years ago.

At the end of the episode, James confesses to MacGyver that the asset had been MacGyver himself, and that he sort of sacrificed Masons son in a diversion tactics to get his own son rescued. Mac is appalled that his father favored his life over that of a marine – especially without that marine and his team knowing about the risks of the mission.

Season 4
After the events in the Season 3 Finale, the Phoenix Foundation was disbanded and the team members stripped of their high-level clearances.

To be continued…


Reboot series (recurring character).
3×22 Mason + Cable + Choices 
extensive knowledge of physics and chemistry, bomb-making.
Peter Weller

Was announced to play “the antithesis of MacGyver” and being his “evil twin” in the press releases. According to showrunner Peter Lenkov, the character was an idea by Lucas Till.

So far, Peter Weller has directed two episodes of the show.


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