Big Mac Attack

True believers know that nothing stops MacGyver, not even cancellation. So when ABC axed the action-adventure series starring Richard Dean Anderson in ’92, fans knew it was only a matter of time till its return. Time’s up: Anderson is in London filming two new ABC MacGyver movies–“Trail to Doomsday” and “The Lost Treasure of Atlantis”–for next season. Both have plenty of Mac’s patented escapades. “I hot-wire a Jeep loaded with missiles, climb up the side of a castle, crawl through sewers, and drive a Cobra sports car 100 miles an hour through the English countryside,” says Anderson, whose next challenge–playing Wyatt Earp in an NBC movie–may be even more daunting. Dueling with him to redefine the role are Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell, both of whom play Wyatt Earp in upcoming features.

“Grapvine,” TV Guide, 5 June 1993.



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