Richard Dean Anderson Death Hoax Returns

Updated: Sept 7, 2019

RDA is still alive

News that MacGyver and Stargate star, Richard Dean Anderson had passed away has been doing the rounds on social media this week causing concern from fans of the iconic star, some of whom suspected it to be a hoax, while others turned to fan pages and groups for reassurance. 

We can confirm that this is indeed a hoax and Richard is alive and well and looking forward to his next appearance in New Jersey

This hoax originates from an April fools prank posted on, a social journalism website, in 2017.  The linked page has since been removed and now shows an error page with a message saying the associated account of the poster is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules, but  despite this the link has started being shared by numerous people daily on Facebook who appear to be blindly sharing the link without checking it, or the news, for authenticity.

RDA Death Hoax
People continue to share this link on Facebook despite the article now being deleted.

After becoming aware of the hoax Richard Dean Anderson responded with a typically humorous message posted on his website which reads “Just had a brief bout with 24 hour death. (sic) I’m better now.”

Fans will be able to confirm Richards wellness in a couple of weeks time when he attends the Chiller Theatre event in Parsippany, New Jersey, where he will be doing signings and photo ops with fans on Friday and Saturday.

This is not the first time RDA has died on the internet. He’s been caught up in several previous death hoax cycles, which seem to come around every few years often with celebrities who haven’t been seen in mainstream media for a while, making the notice more believable to the public.  This particular hoax even led to the satire news site, Mass Media, getting in on the act by posting a satirical news article about the hoax, complete with fictional rep statements and citations.


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