Original MacGyver To Be Remastered By CBS

CBS has announced that they are in the process of remastering the original MacGyver series to HD. Seasons 1-3 are already completed and they plan to have all 7 seasons completed by the end of this year.

The quality of the DVD images has long been a source of despair to many fans around the world with regular calls for Blu-ray or HD streaming versions of the show ever since the first DVD release.   

The news release on the CBS site includes a before and after video comparing scenes in SD with their new HD counterparts. The quality is impressively distinct.

This will, of course, raise hopes for a Blu-ray series release sometime in the near future and could also indicate that CBS still has the original film stock the series was filmed on before being transferred to video which would mean there are possibilities of BtS and gag reels being released as well.

There’s no indication yet of how this new HD version will be distributed. 



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