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Jack Dalton Announced For MacGyver Reboot

 June 16, 2016

Rebooted Jack DaltonJack Dalton and Wilt Bozer have been named as the latest regular characters in the CBS MacGyver Reboot due to start this fall.

Jack Dalton will be played by George Eads (right) of CSI fame. Eads was the first cast announcement back in early March of this year and was originally announced to play the role of Lincoln, a 55 year old war vet who knew MacGyver's father. But the character has now been renamed after Peter Lenkov took the reins of the show in response to the strong negative feedback to the first trailer released by CBS.

Rebooted Jack DaltonJustin Hires, (left) of CBS' Rush Hour, will play the second new character, Wilt Bozer, MacGyver’s ambitious roommate.
The character was originally MacGyver's neighbor at the marina who we saw occasionally as a minor role during MacGyver's four season tenure in the houseboat, but is now set to be the second of four regular characters to the show. There's not word yet on the other two, but in an recent interview, showrunner Peter Lenkov hinted towards a jilted female love interest for MacGyver which we will see in a season long story arc. No more details were given but we can't help wonder if this will be a female Murdoc or possibly a revamped Deborah or Nikki Carpenter.

Refresh your memories of Jack Dalton and Wilt Bozer.


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