MacGyver Collectable

The MacGyver Knife Display was released for sale by Legends Canada on April 6, 2015 and was the first ever Richard Dean Anderson authorized ‘MacGyver’ collectors item.

The display was designed by Paul Brown, owner of Legends Canada and RDA’s appearance manager. After realizing there was very little collectible merchandise for MacGyver, Paul wanted to create something that would appeal to the fans and help fill the collectables void.

The limited edition MacGyver collectable was officially endorsed by Richard Dean Anderson.

The limited edition collectable was made up of a MacGyver engraved Swiss Army Knife, a still of MacGyver holding the knife and RDA’s signature along with a short blurb about the show all beautifully mounted and framed in black. All wording and edging of the panels were laser engraved, including RDA’s signature and the MacGyver logo on the knife.

The SAK’s were obtained from airports after discovering that they collect and destroy hundreds of SAKs from passengers every year. Because of the size limitation of the display the SAK’s all have to be mini/small models rather than the full size ones. Engraving the logo onto the knife itself proved to be challenging due to the heat generated by the laser on the plastic casing of the knives.

Some fans expressed concern about the display being open and the knife sticking out too far to allow a glass front to be inserted. This issue was quickly address by Legends Canada with advise that a black foam space can be used to raise the frame to allow glass fronts to be fitted. Legends also advised that they were looking at using a deeper frame on future editions to accommodate the  fitting of glass fronts.

On May 20, 2015 Legends Canada made the below statement advising that they have withdrawn the product from sale.

In recognizing there was very little merchandise in the collectible market relating to MacGyver, we tried to create something that would appeal to Richard’s loyal fanbase. Unfortunately, our efforts in doing so ran into a stumbling block with respect to licensing, hence our decision to withdraw the knife display. We rightly acknowledge the proprietary ownership of the rights to the name MacGyver and if the opportunity arises, we shall pursue this matter in our efforts to reach an amicable arrangement with the owner. Should this be successful, then we may attempt to bring this item back to the market with their approval.

In a later statement they clarified that this was due to licensing issues from CBS with the MacGyver logo and image used in the display.

To date this item has never come back on sale so it remains a rare collectable item for those lucky enough to own one.







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