Michael Thornton

T. Scott Coffey as Michael Thornton

Pete’s only child, Michael grew up resenting that Pete was never around for him. His resentment was somewhat resolved after he helped MacGyver rescue both his mother and father from one of Pete’s old DXS colleges hell-bent on revenge for a DXS assignment which went bad and caused the death of his own son.

Hank Stratton as Michael Thornton

Later Pete employed Michael to work at the Phoenix Foundation so they could be closer and get to know each other better. Unfortunately, Michael’s scarred past of growing up without Pete led him to betray Pete’s trust and steal top secret information from the Foundation. He was subsequently caught red-handed and convinced to testify against his crime partners in return for a reduced jail sentence.



Family Matter
Fraternity of Thieves
Peter Thornton
Connie Thornton
Robert Sanborn
Charles ‘Chas’ Gordon
T. Scott Coffey
Hank Stratton


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