MacGyver Blu-ray confirmed for Oct. 30

Confirmation today via TV Shows On DVD and MediaPlayNews that CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution have set the release date for the complete first season of MacGyver on Blu-ray for Oct 30.

We broke the news a couple of days ago that a Blu-ray version of MacGyver was on the way. Initially exposed by French Journalist, Romain Nigita who tweeted a provisions sheet from Universal France showing a release date of November, this news leads us to now speculate that November may be the UK – Europe release date while Oct. 30 will be the US release date.

This makes an interesting couple of months for MacGyver fans with the DVD release of Season 2 of the reboot on Sept 18, Season 3 of the reboot premiering on Sept 28 and original MacGyver on Blu-ray on Oct. 30 ensuring that fans of both sides will have something to look forward to.

  • Sept. 18 – Reboot season 2 on DVD
  • Sept. 28 – Reboot season 3 Premieres
  • Oct. 30   – Original MacGyver on Blu-ray

It’s unclear if CBS are planning on releasing all seasons as individual box sets or whether this is a “testing of the waters” with a full box-set to follow after the HD remaster is completed for all seasons at the end of the year. 

Also unknown at the moment is what, if any, extras will appear on the Blu-ray set. CBS has had a bad track record with MacGyver fans continually being disappointed with no extras appearing on any of the previous DVD releases. CBS continued this trend when season 1 of the reboot was also released in the US missing the extras which had been included in previous international versions. We’ll have to wait and see if the trend is continued with the Blu-ray release.

Available for pre-order on Amazon now.


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