MacGyver House Up For Sale Again

The floating home used as MacGyver’s house, in 4 seasons of the show, is up for sale for the second time in 2 years. However this time it’s less than half the original asking price and in dire need of repairs.

Advertised yesterday on Craigs List as a “Fixer Upper” the Lands End float home is listed at $36,000, a fraction of it’s original $200,000 price tag. The listing states that the floats need repairing and the house itself is in need of some TLC, although none of the internal images show any obvious damage, there is visible damage to the railing on the outside deck.

The floating home was originally used in seasons 3-6 of the long-running action-adventure TV show ‘MacGyver’ where it was inaccuracy referred to as a houseboat – inaccurate because houseboats have motors for self-propulsion and are designed as livable boats, where-as Float homes must be towed into position and are designed to remain docked.

The house was sold in late 2012 after extensive renovations had been carried out by it’s then owners who had purchased the home after Paramount Studios had finished using it. At the time of their sale the house was in immaculate condition; listed as still being located at Grants Landing, Vancouver, the floating home has now obviously been left to run down since the purchase.

UPDATE: Jan 24, 2015

We have had confirmation that the floating home was sold on Jan 12, 2015. No further details are available at this time.


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