MacGyver Plane Destroyed In Crash.

The plane used in season 3 of the hit 80’s action-adventure series, MacGyver, was reportedly destroyed in a tragic air crash while on a South American mission worthy of a MacGyver episode itself.

According to the Aviation Safety Network the Douglas C-47A-90-DL plane, known to fans of the show as Jack Dalton’s ‘Dalton Air’ plane in the 3rd season episode ‘Rock The Cradle’ crashed into a mountain while on a flight to return Christian Agua Viva missionary group doctors back home from their relief work in Playa Grande on Nov 1, 1998.

The crash report states that the plane was flying through thick fog and rain, generated by tropical depression Mitch and was relying on instruments only due to no visibility when it crashed into the mountain killing 11 of its 18 occupants. The plane was damaged beyond repair and subsequently written off.

There was apparently no flight plan filed.


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