MacGyver Production Suspended By Covid-19

Announced tonight in a joint statement from Lucas Till and Levy Train via Instagram video, MacGyver is the latest show to be halted in response to the Corona Virus pandemic.

The news seems to have come as a surprise to cast and crew who were completing day 5 of filming for episode 20 with Till stating “It was really abrupt” and that he was in such a hurry to get home from the set so he could watch the episode that he didn’t stop to think about the possibility of this being their last day of shooting so didn’t get to say thanks and good-bye to the crew. Both he and Levy went on to extend their thanks and appreciation to the crew for all their work and efforts in making the show. Levy posted her own message saying at the start of the day they were told they would continue working for another week before shutting down (presumably to allow them to finish the current episode they were working on) but by the end of the day that had changed to immediate shut down for the season.

CBS has not yet made an official announcement about how this will affect the show’s broadcast. It was already scheduled to take a two-week break starting next Friday for what was going to be March Madness, but due to sports closing down over Corona Virus concerns CBS has now scheduled reruns of their Friday night shows to fill the time slots with new episodes returning on March 27.

The shutdown means that the last 3 episodes will not be filmed and possibly other episodes still in post-production could also now be left unfinished.  CBS still has some options up its sleeve though, depending on how far through post-production they are for the episodes. If they have the rest of the original 13 episodes ready to air we could be back to having a 13 episode season. It’s highly possible that the current story arc was written to complete within the first 13 episodes because the extra episodes weren’t ordered until 3 months after they started filming, so they would have been fully locked into the 13 episode story arc. If the series gets picked up for a 5th season the remaining episodes could be used to start that season off, reducing the number of episodes need to be filmed.




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