General Hawkins

General Hawkins was responsible for sending MacGyver on a mission to Burma to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin from a US aircraft which had crashed into the Burmese jungle.  […]



MacGyver was sent to Burma to retrieve a canister of poison from a crashed US plane but ended up staying to help a village free themselves from a local opium kingpin. […]



Truang was General Narai’s supervisor in charge of the opium harvesting operation being run in the Burmese village near the crash site of a US plane MacGyver was sent in to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin from […]



Anek was the leader of the villages forced to harvest opium poppies for General Narai in the Burmese jungles. As the camp leader Anek reported to Truang with his considerable fear of General Narai ensuring his loyalty and continued service. […]


General Narai

General Narai was a very rich and powerful drug grower who forced local villagers into slave labor in his opium fields through fear and brutality […]