General Narai

A very rich and powerful drug grower who forced local villagers into slave labor in his opium fields through fear and brutality, Narai had been known to burn entire villages and massacre many people if they refused to harvest his opium poppies. Some even believed that he was not human and drank the blood of his dead.

When Truang found the crashed US plane MacGyver was sent to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin from, Narai decided to install the weapons found in the plane on his helicopter to make it a powerful gunship and ordered that MacGyver be staked out in the sun without food or water until for the five days until his return to the village as inspiration to the villages to keep working as they would have to pass MacGyver each day on their way to and from the poppy fields.

When MacGyver escaped and drove Truang from the village, Narai returned early, but not before MacGyver and the villages had made preparations for his forces and were able to defeat them. When Narai arrived in his helicopter MacGyver was able to pull it down using a jeep wench and forced Narai into hand to hand combat, in which he drew his sword but tripped over the helicopters landing skid and impaled himself on his sword; His death ensuring the villages freedom.


The Golden Triangle
George Cheung


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