MiniMac Visits The Mayfair Hotel


Seen in season 1 episode ‘The Assassin’, the Mayfair Hotel played the role of Piedra’s Hotel where MacGyver and Terry discover the assassin’s target.

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Located just west of LA’s central business district on West 7th Street, the Mayfair Hotel sits assumingly amongst apartment blocks and convenience stores.  Calling itself “A hotel under the influence” it appears to market itself to creative and cultural types, with features such as a library bar, podcast room and a multi-million dollar street-art collection by renowned street artist Kelly “Risk” Graval. 

The hotel itself makes two appearances in the episode, although many may have missed it’s first, less prominent use as the background location when the “paymaster”, Mr. Smith,  leaves his hotel on the other side of the road from the Mayfair with the money to make his pay-drop.  That hotel has since been demolished and that whole side of the street now has construction going on. Also interesting to note that the ‘Stevenson’s Cleaners * Laundry’ store we see across the road in this scene is now a corner store.

The hotel’s second appearance in the episode is the one we all know and remember with MacGyver and Terry walking out the front door, along West 7th street and around the corner onto Hartford Avenue, where they are jumped by the Archbishop’s security and taken off for questioning.  



Photos by: KiwiTek & DashboardOnFire


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