MiniMac Visits The Season 7 Loft

Located 15 minutes walk from MacGyver’s 1st season apartment in the Venice Beach district of LA on what is nicknamed “America’s Coolest Street” we find MacGyver’s 7th season home.

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Advertised as a 3 leveled commercial loft with 2 outdoor decks (one of which is an enclosed patio with firepit) and indoor parking, the building we know as MacGyver’s 7th season loft stands nestled amongst cafes, art galleries, health and beauty outlets, craft stores and clothing boutiques. Built in 1991 (making it brand new when MacGyver filmed) the building appears to be 3 separate sections each apparently housing its own space. The lower front area we saw as MacGyver’s garage is now an outlet store for  Saje Natural Wellness, and the whole front of the building has a spiffy new paint job for that business. The metal roller door has been replaced by a glass-panel roll-away door to allow natural lighting into the store.

Like it’s previous seasons counterparts, the building was only used for external shots and scenes; the internal scenes we see in the show were filmed on a sound stage — the real upstairs area is a separate commercial space rather than a living area.

The surrounding neighborhood has a very bohemian feel to it, quite similar to how it was portrayed on the show with an eclectic mix of pretty much every kind of store you can think off; although the majority of stores are fashion or clothing orientated they are mixed with plenty of other shopping choices from hair salons and herbal stores to arts & craft and all manner of food outlets.

The area has evolved of course over the last 28 years with paint jobs, renovations and even replacements of buildings. The house across the street, for example, which was Kelly Dobbs house in the episode ‘The Hood’ has been replaced with a new 3 story up-market house, but the building which the crazy guy starts screaming that he’s in touch with the universe from is still there, although repainted and slightly renovated, but still there.


Photos by: KiwiTek & DashboardOnFire


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