MiniMac’s Adventure Begins


Join ‘MiniMac’ as he travels to Los Angeles and Vancouver on a special sight-seeing trip to visit the filming locations of MacGyver.  While there he’ll visit some of the tourist attractions of both cities while hunting out filming locations and taking a trip down memory lane.

The adventure will see him visit old abodes, famous rocks, and beaches. He’ll take in the stunning wilderness of Vancouver and experience the bustling street life of LA, visit some famous stars, tour some famous studios and even visit a real haunted mansion – probably not the one you’re thinking of though.

Each week will bring a new post and a new step in the adventure starting in LA and then moving on to Vancouver. We’ll include a photo gallery with each post along with plenty of details and information about the site/area visited.

We’ll be posting plenty of photos on MiniMac’s Instagram account too so be sure to follow him there as well as on our twitter account for notifications of new posts or updates.

This week’s gallery is a preview of what’s to come as MiniMac explores LA and Vancouver for filming locations and more.


Photos  by: KiwiTek & DashboardOnFire



  1. This is pretty cool! Interesting to see the real life locations from the series. Also, greetings from Finland!

    • Glad you’re enjoying the series so far Henri. We have many more locations and information to come so stay tuned. Can’t wait to start the Vancouver locations!

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