MiniMac Visits The Second Season Loft

Tucked away on the quaint old-town shopping styled street of North Larchmont Boulevard in LA is a very recognizable filming location for MacGyver fans. Despite the extensive facelift the building had in 2014 it still bears the instantly recognizable ‘HARDWARE’ sign that signifies MacGyver’s second season loft.

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Known today as the Keystone Building, which is owned by the heirs of the late Albert Mizrahi, the building looks significantly different from it’s days on MacGyver. The tired rundown yellow exterior replaced with an upmarket cement facade and arched roof embellished with the name of its new second level occupants, Compass Real Estate. The red Hardware sign replaced with a new Hardwear sign – a play on words representing the clothing business (operated by Mizrahi’s family) which now occupies the space formerly the home of Larchmont Hardware and flanked on either side with Groundwork Coffee shop and Sam’s Bagels – the only store to remain from the MacGyver days, although it has now moved to the other side of the Hardwear store taking over what was originally the Laundromat and making room for the Groundwork Coffee Co.

The upper floor which we know as MacGyver’s apartment is now the open floor office area of Compass Real Estate. They took over the space in December 2018 after it was renovated in March of the same year. In addition to providing workspace for the Compass team, the large open floor plan, which was designed by Compass Associate Manager Bret Parsons, also doubles as an art gallery for local artist TM Gratkowski and the terrace area at the back of the office is available for community functions and use.
Our understanding is that like the Houseboat and season 7 loft, this location was only ever used for external scenes with the interiors being filmed on a sound stage set which makes it highly probable that the area has always been office space.




Photos  by: KiwiTek & DashboardOnFire


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