Sonia Chapel

Sonia Chapel was Nicholas Helman’s “right-hand person”, assisting him in the day to day running and organization of both the Helman Club and Homicide International Trust (HIT). Murdoc claimed that she was almost as good an assassin as himself and her deadly side showed through when she seized the opportunity to kill off Nicholas by dropping him into a pit of poisonous snakes as he tried to stop Murdoc and MacGyver from saving Aston Cooke from in the Helman Club’s secret training room. Nicholas’ demise allowed Sonia to take control of HIT as their new Chairman of the Board. The length of her reign is unknown, however, because Murdoc provided evidence to MacGyver afterward documenting all of HIT’s operations which allowed the police to capture and shut down the organization; Although it did resurface with a new board of 3, of which the chairman was another female, but because the board is never named we’re unsure if the female was, in fact, suppose to still be Sonia, or someone else.

Halloween Knights
Nicholas Helman
Helman Club
Jo-Anne Bates


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