Injury List

Throughout the seven seasons of the show, MacGyver has suffered his fair share of injuries.  Below is a list of all his major physical injuries.


Punched in the face by the bad guy in a car wreckers yard.The Golden Triangle
Knocked unconscious with a bamboo stick.
Punched in the stomach while fighting with Bill.Hellfire
Injected with poison causing various effects on him.Nightmares
Broke right hand while skiing in the Swiss Alps.Every Time She Smiles
Shot in the shoulder while hang-gliding.To Be A Man
His bullet wound is cauterized with a hot iron.
Knocked unconscious with a blow to the back of the neck.Ugly Duckling
Hit on the right side of his head by Webster’s gun.Slow Death
Punched in the face.The Eraser
Knocked unconscious when he broke up a ceremony.The Wish Child
Punched in the stomach.The Road Not Taken
Knocked out after hitting his head on the ground. (after hovercraft knocks him over)Silent World
Bullet wound to head (caused amnesia).DOA MacGyver
Punched in the stomach twice.Bushmaster
Punched while fighting bad guys.Back From The Dead
Shot in the lower rib cage area.
Police stick jabbed hard into the stomach winding him.Jack In The Box
Cut on the right forearm by Murdoc.The Widowmaker
Got “flash burn” causing temporary blindness when his boat exploded.The Negotiator
Knocked unconscious by Virgil.The Secret of Parker House
Head and should injured when his Jeep crashed.The Outsiders
Palm of his hand sliced by Murdoc.Cleo Rocks
Cut on the forearm by Deborah.Unfinished Business
Shot in his stomach.Cease Fire
Hit in the back of the head with a gun.Ten Percent Solution
Knocked unconscious by spanner blow to the head.Two Times Trouble
Shot in the chest and fell from a second-story balconySerenity
Hit on back of the head with violenThe Lost Amadeus
Fell 3 stories onto the top of a carPassages
Shot in the left shoulderHumanity
Punched and knocked out cold.
Hit in the face with a wooden beam.Bitter Harvest
Hit in the head with a metal pole.The Visitor
Knocked down by a punch to the left temple area of his face.Jerico Games
Hit on the head (knocked out) with a pool stick.The Wasteland
Hands severely burnt.Blind Faith
Ankle badly injured by a bear trap.Faith, Hope, and Charity
Knocked out when he falls down a flight of stairs.
Head wound causing amnesia and a severe concussion.Strictly Business
Shot in the left side of his stomach.Trail of Tears
Toxic powder blown in face causing a death-like state.The Walking Dead
Hit on the head by a large falling flower tray.Good Knight MacGyver (p1)
Shot in the head. (dream sequence).Good Knight MacGyver (p2)
Shot in the left shoulder.The Stringer
Broke left arm from falling down into cargo hold of a ship.The Stringer

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