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1952   March 23
Angus MacGyver is born to parents Ellen & James MacGyver.



Dec 14
10 year old MacGyver's grandmother (Celia Jackson) and father are killed in a car crash.


1963   MacGyver had his first drink at age 11, with his friend Freddie Maples.

Mac's friend Jesse accidently shoot and killed while he and friends Neil and Chuck where playing with his father's gun.


Mac's chances for the '68 Olympic hockey team and playing pro are ruined in a hockey related accident.


1968   Meets Ellen Jerico.


1969   Mac's grandfather Harry Jackson leaves without saying goodbye.


MacGyver graduates from High school.

Joins the Bomb Disposal Teams on assignment in Vietnam.


MacGyver's mother dies while he is on assignment in Afghanistan. (Presumably as part of the Bomb Disposal Teams.)


Meets Kate Malloy in Vietnam.


1973   Sean Angus Malloy (SAM) is born. (Mac and Kate's son).

MacGyver wins the physics barricade contest at Western Tech University


     1974 - 79  
Graduates from Western Tech University with a degree in Science.

MacGyver held several jobs during the mid to late 70s

He had a brief career as a race car driver, which ended in a crash

Worked full time at the Challengers Club for Boys and Girls.

Spent some time "Hell fighting" oil-well fires.

Spent time traveling  through Europe with Jack Dalton and Mike Forrester


1980   March 2
Meets Pete Thornton - While driving Jack Dalton's cab while Jack recovers from braking his legs. This is also MacGyver's first encounter with Murdoc.


1982   Kate Malloy (Sam's mother) is killed in china  
MacGyver works for US government, taking odd jobs and special assignments.

MacGyver reunites with his grandfather after 16 years

Mac moves from the observatory to his Venice beach apartment.


1986    January 22
Pete Thornton promoted to Deputy Chief of the DXS.

February 12
Pete Thornton appointed Executive Director of Operations for the DXS.

MacGyver meets Penny Parker in Bulgaria.

MacGyver hired by Pete Thornton as a trouble shooter for the Phoenix Foundation.


MacGyver moves into his houseboat at the marina.

MacGyver meets Nikki Carpenter.

November 16
Mike Forrester dies in mountaineering accident


1989   October 31
Murdoc asks for MacGyver's help to save his sister Ashton Cooke.


April 30
Harry Jackson dies


1991   March
Pete admits to Mac that he has Glaucoma. 

Pete has surgery for his glaucoma.


MacGyver meets his son Sam for the first time. He then leaves the Phoenix Foundation to spend time with, and to get to know Sam.



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