Sean Angus Mollay (SAM)

Sean Mollay prefers to be called by the acronym of his three initials – SAM.

The son of a photojournalist, Sam spent the first 9 years of his life traveling on assignments with his mother, Kate, who was raising him on her own. At the age of 9, he witnessed his mother being shot by Colonel Chung of the Chinese Red Army while she was working on an assignment to cover the democratic movement within China. After the shooting Sam hiked back to Beijing where he was taken back to the U.S. and raised by a couple of his mother’s journalist friends.

Sam followed in his mother’s footsteps and became a photojournalist himself.
It was while working on an assignment to expose a Chinese businessman as the colonel who had killed his mother that he found MacGyver, who was working on a related case at the time.

Sam turned out to be “a chip of the old block” and showed much of the same extraordinary talents as those of his father and proved to be a useful ally to MacGyver. He didn’t however, seem to share MacGyver’s view of guns or life as he was quite prepared to take vengeance on Colonel Chung for his mother’s death when he and MacGyver tracked Chung’s location to a docked freighter ship. Although MacGyver was able to talk him out of killing Chung, his real test came when, after confronting Chung on the ship, he had to swallow his own vengeance and talk Mei Jan out of shooting Chung.

SAM and MacGyver set off on a motorcycle journey together at the end of the series’ seven-year run.


The Stringer
Kate Mollay (mother)
MacGyver (father)
Mei Jan
Dalton James


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