Maria Romburg

Maria first met MacGyver when he tracked her down for her Grandfather, Otto Romburg, who hadn’t seen her since she was a little girl on a fateful night he and Maria’s father tried to escape through the wall to West Berlin. Unfortunately, her father was shot, but her Grandfather managed to escaped and moved to America to live.

Maria was raised as a ward of the state in East Germany where she was trained to become a “Sparrow” agent for the Stasi (secret police of East German). Upon turning 16 she was put into active service working all over Europe and America as a Stasi spy.

After the fall of the wall, she was recruited by Helmut Weise, who knew Maria had grown up blaming her grandfather for her parent’s death and used her to help him find her grandfathers gold.

After meeting her grandfather all those years later and hearing his side of what happened the night her father was killed, Maria was able to reconcile with her grandfather and help MacGyver stop Weise and his men.

Realizing Maria’s considerable skills and training would make her a valuable asset to the Phoenix Foundation, Pete Thornton was quick to hire and put her to work as a field agent, during which time, she became romantically involved with MacGyver. Their relationship stalled however when, once again, MacGyver’s fear of commitment came into play. Soon after that Maria was sent on assignment to Brazil.

Note: She actually left the show after the producers received loads of angry mail from female viewers, who wanted MacGyver to remain single and uncommitted.

The Wall
MacGyver’s Women
Helmut Weise
Otto Romburg 
Phoenix Foundation
Ministry for State Security (Stasi)

Brigitta Stenberg


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