Nicholas Helman

Nicholas Helman was the Chairman of the Board for the Homicide International Trust (HIT), a criminal group who contracted assassins all over the world as well as being involved in illegal arms trades. Helman himself was a first-rate assassin who trained Murdoc in his deadly art of death.

As a businessman, Helman was also the owner of an exclusive private club called the Helman Club, which he used as his base of operations for HIT. From there the daily administration of the trust was undertaken as well as things such as testing potential new assassins in the clubs specialized secret testing room.

Ironically the secret testing area was the scene of Helman’s own demise when his plan to lure Murdoc to his death in the training area by using his sister as bait, failed thanks to MacGyver. As Murdoc and MacGyver were escaping, Helman’s assistant, Sonia Chapel, double-crossed him and opened a trap door under his feet causing him to fall into a pit of poisonous snakes at which point a wounded Murdoc finished the job by throwing a hand grenade into the pit.

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