The Coltons

Cleavon Little

Richard Lawson

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Della Reese

Frank, Jesse, and Billy Colton are brothers in the bounty-hunting business. Their mother, affectionately known as Mama Colton, is the no-nonsense brains behind the operation and keeps a firm hand on both the business and her boys. 

A recent addition to the family has been Frog, a dog who was left behind when his previous owner was forced to assume a new identity.


Ma Dalton
The Black Corsage
Second Chance
Squeeze Play
Black Rhino
The Coltons


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  1. I’m sorry the t.v. producers did not go ahead with their plans to make the Colton’s a regular series. I loved the pilot episode and would have been a regular watcher. I think it was a mistake not going ahead with it. It had all the elements of a hit!

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